Best command to extend a volume

I’m trying to extend the rectangular volume on the bottom to the curved path on top, mergesrf, extendsrf, etc wont work because im trying to extend the entire volume, not just one edge. I also cant loft each edge because the curved path is one line

Hi @hannah5 ,

I don’t use Rhino all that much (more Grasshopper)… However, given that your geometry appear to be polysurfaces, I would just sub-object select the top face of the columns aka the “rectangular volumes” as you called them and the move them Z+ with the gumball to be above the curved path and then use BooleanDifference on the path and the columns and leave only the new columns underneath trimmed by the path above.

Perhaps someone will come along with a single command though?

Should be about a 20 second operation or less.

Hope that helps!