Best approach for deformed metal areas as in pic attached

see pic, the area in yellow is dished inwards by about the thickness of the metal (1mm), circular hole in centre is 7mm dia.
What is the best way for such deformation in Rhino, construct it with sweeps of curves , ignoring the circular hole, then projecting that onto the end result after its been offsetSrf 1mm or some kind of cage edit and pull it downwards ?

If sweeps then its a very shallow S Curve run around half a nascar race track shape, no an entire lap in fact, then project the hole and slot onto the result, then offsetSrf 1mm, am I right ?


I would:

First model the depression in the sheet metal - imagine the center hole does not exist and you are just modeling the top surface - what would that look like? Model that just using whatever Rhino commands you are comfortable with. There’s a myriad of ways to accomplish that general shape.

Cut the hole in it.

Offset the thickness of the sheet metal.

Also - it should be noted - weird deformations like this are where Rhino beats out solid modelers like TurboCAD, fwiw.

Not sure if this is the best approach but RailRevolve maybe better than sweep1,
as with sweep1 you might get overlapping surfaces.
RailRevolve.3dm (433.6 KB)

For example:

I made the fat pill shape with the Pipe command, with the cap set to “Round”

Split it, discarded the top portion

Booleaned the two parts

FilletEdge to blend them together

MetalDeformation.3dm (645.9 KB)

now how many would have thought to use the neat trick of pipe command for that oxygen bottle shape :slightly_smiling:
Is there a thread or section of McNeel website with such neat tricks ?
Easy and effective steps, love it.

Toshiaki_Takano also noted rail better than sweep.
Is that your cat ?..I wonder if any pets are named after Rhino commands !.or even called Rhino :grin:

Will trial that on this particular shape, skyg gets the vote for immediate success route here.