BESOShell Help


Looking for some help with the BESOShell component in Karamba3D. The end goal for using the component is to get an idea of the best truss shape for a set of overall dimensions and loads. The geometry I need to use this for is a little more complicated, so I figured it would be better to start with a simple example to make sure I understand how the component works.

I’ve attached a file that contains a simple meshed shell model with 2 point loads at the third points. I managed to find a combination of input parameters that give the result I expected, but still do not feel like I understand how to choose the input parameters. Are there any good resources available for helping me understand how to more intuitively choose the input parameters, rather than using the “guess and check” method as I have done? I read through the input descriptions in the Karmba3D Manual, but still do not really understand how to adjust the parameters to get the desired result.

For example, when I change the BESOShell input to the following, I get this result:

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Karamba BESOShell (44.4 KB)