Benefits of RhinoCommon versus rhinoscriptsyntax

Are there performance enhancements and/or increased capabilities when using rhinocommon instead of rhinoscriptsyntax?

I guess my title is a little inconsistent, since rhinocommon can be accesed by python. I guess it should read: Benefits of RhinoCommon verses rhinoscriptsyntax.

If you are doing many, many iterations, RhinoCommon methods can be faster - sometimes quite a bit. Otherwise, aside from the fact that you can access more stuff via RhinoCommon, you won’t really see any difference.

My attitude is mix 'n match, using rhinoscriptsyntax for UI if possible (more comfortable, less typing) and RhinoCommon when there is something missing in rhinoscriptsyntax or when there is a lot iteration.


I changed the title. Hope you don’t mind :smile:

Thanks that is helpful. Do you happen to know why it is faster? Is there some kind of interpreter that syntax goes through? I am coding a script to draw landscaping pavers and it is running verrrry slow in rhinoscriptsyntax, I will probably recode to rhinocommon.


I totally agree. Mix and match seems like a great approach. Stick with rhinoscriptsyntax until you have something that needs to work a little better in a loop (or the functionality just doesn’t exist in rhinoscriptsyntax.)

Thanks, Steve. I appreciate it.