Bending with strength variation


I am trying to bend a grid of linear elements but also changing the stiffness of the individual segments to approximate the structure to catenary sections.

I am using Angle and dividing the grid to U, V, and Edge segments and instead of having a specific number at the strength variable, I am using point attractors with ranges, getting preliminary results but I am sure you will have good suggestions for better controlling the input, specifically:

  • Is there a better approach to solve this, something else than changing “strength” in the angle definition? Ideally, a Z duplication of the segment (just like laminas) would precisely be what I am doing in the physical model.

  • Is the use of attractors ok in this case or would it be better to divide the grid into sections and have many Angle definitions?

  • How would one visualize the changing strength in the result? (say by colour coding)

Thank you

bending_changing (32.5 KB) Changing stiffness_01.3dm (47.2 KB)