"Bending" plexi sheet with grasshopper

I am thinking about creating a large standing lamp with bended 3 or 4 mm thick plexi sheets, which are connected to each other with connectors. These connectors would give a force to the plexi sheets bend and to get the whole thing the final shape. I guess Kangaroo is suitable for the problem. I don’t really know where to start. Any idea?


Here is a simple construction using Loft.
As long as the sections are parallel (which is the case), each of the 6 sides is developable, so you should be able to unroll, cut and bend them. Will it break or not though is an entire different story…

LoftLamp.gh (9.1 KB)

Thank you teddy! However my problem is not generating form, but how the plexy would behave under the stress of connectors. In other words where to put the connectors and what will be the actual curvature of the plexi sheets. The actual form is not important, but I thought is more simple to talk about an existing from to understand the theory.

You can build a form to match the profile of one of these panels and then heat and bend the plexiglass over it. The connectors wouldn’t be applying any stress, and you might even be able to just glue the pieces together.

Thanks Ethan, That could be a solution, but I dont want to use heat, just the force by the connectors. Also bending with heat a 2m large plexi sheet is a bit problematic.

I’d say that at least you need to place the connectors where the inflection points are.