Bending Pictureframes


I am having a problem with pictureframes as I try to edit the pictureframes as normal surfaces. I use pictureframes because I can work with them like a physical piece of printed paper that I can place on other surfaces. It is a great method for fast sketching in 3D. As long as the surface is planar this method worked really good. I can trim the surface and use it etc. Now I need to be able to bend the pictureframe since the object has revolved surfaces. I can edit the surface with cage edit witht he option of preserve structure but it is really impossible to bend it on an other surface with cage edit. As I use bend tool or move the edge of my surface it re-creates the pictureframe uv-maps (I guess). If I bent it just slightly then it does not remap the whole image. So When I am bending a already trimmed surface the whole image gets remapped on it so it does not work well for me. Do you know a solution for this problem?

Hi Omer,

after trimming etc, you could create a mesh from the pictureframe, then bend / deform both, the pictureframe surface and the mesh. If the mapping later gets lost on the deformed pictureframe, use the mesh as a custom mapping object.


Thank you, I am trying the same with meshes now, somehow works.