Bending on only one side of a plane

Hello guys,

I have been working on this model based on One Ocean, a building with many bended fins on the facade.
I need to do 3 daylight analysis - 1 with closed fins, 1 with 30 degrees opened and 1 with 60 degrees.

The structure is a plane that is bended in one side, being compressed from above and from below, while the other side vertexes are fixed. I cannot figure out how to define the angles!
I have modeled this one and it was working great even if I am not sure about the angle but then I couldn`t reproduce it anymore… The upper extremities cannot rotate too.

Does anyone know how I can perform it?

Thank you so so much.


how will that be analysed? is this by any chance a grasshopper project? if so you should recategorise it.
bending might also not be a good approach. i am thinking that you could rather construct curves with the needed parameters and simply loft the panels, which would be far more controllable at first thought.

I believe it can be done by simply using loft as you said which is how I had started but bending seemed more real, so I was trying to develop it better.
The analysis is based on daylight performance inside of that box, so it could be simpler.
However I watched many videos trying to understand how to perform better using bending but could not understand how to set the angles.