Bending of columns

I want to simulate bending very thin straight columns under the weight of a slab(like in the image). What am I doing wrong? It just pushes the columns down.


Current script: (25.9 KB)

Hi, if you just apply vertical point loads on the columns, the deformation would only be in one direction, but you can simulate “buckling” behaviour. However if you apply a plate on top like your image, then you see that the columns start to “bend” when they deform as the columns are all connected. (33.4 KB)

could you also please send a picture of the script or send a compatible version, as your script seems to be done in another version

Hi, sorry, I have updated the definition. it should work now

It strangely buckles always into one direction. Is it the right simulation? Does not seem to be according to my physical models.

did you make sure to adjust the cross sections properly? as this affects how the structure deforms.

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Thank you Matthew!