Bending objects around a spiral path

Hi all - any advice on best practice to apply maybe three of the arrows (in the screenshot) around the spiral path - I’d like them to bend around the curve rather than just appear straight? I’d like to use the array tool if poss but manually positioning would also work for me :slightly_smiling:

I’ve looked around and tried a few commands but still new to Rhino so probably missing something obvious…

Any help greatly appreciated!


Try the Flow command. You’ll need a base line the length of the arrow and ideally drawn down it’s center. Then you can Split the spiral into the sections you want the arrow to flow to. Post the file if it’s not working as you expect.

Thanks Brian!

Success! I was doing it wrong…but cracked it I think :slightly_smiling:

Much appreciated…


Is that an ArrowNado? I want to try it with Shark shapes…

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