Bending meshes using Hinge but without vertex load

Hi All,
I am testing bending of plastic surfaces with different sizes and geometries of perforation (something like the image attached). I am using Kangaroo II for digital models and I could get a close enough result but I am sure with your help it will be much better.

I don’t see anything wrong with using the vertex load to get to the final form more quickly. You can turn it up at first to get close, then reduce it before baking/further processing so it doesn’t distort the shape.

Attached is a change to how the anchors are set up, using Target points, so that they don’t need to be moved back each time you reset.
The other reason it didn’t work to change the sizes while it is running was the mesh join operation, which isn’t guaranteed to preserve vertex order. I’ve also shown how you can avoid this problem by reordering the vertices

Changing (37.7 KB)

Thank you so much Daniel for the reply! I am missing a component from your file “face boundaries”. Which I am replacing here (in the photo) right? it seems that it works. Changes with big jumps in the sizes of the hole still require a reset. But I will look into the way you are reordering vertices. Thank you!Screenshot_3