Bending Kangaroo

Helo Gh-People,

I would like to ask you if its possible to help me with kangaroo bending problem. On picture01.png Im showing you what i want to make. I just want to set the those blocks like coliders, between themselves, and it should to create in some parts arch for sitting (lets say) is it possibl to help me with that?

And also what i need is I want to controll the stiffnes of the fabric, because its falling down, and i need something like when u re bending the preace of paper. (It not falls down, but u can bend it.)

Thank you So much for any advices! And merry chrismas :smiley: !!

GH and 3DM files: (20.5 KB)
bending.3dm (53.4 KB)


No Idea about Kangaroo, but I think this would make a great Donkeys’ shed