Bending a surface


throwing this out there hoping someone understands my explanation and can show me a solution:

Is it possible to bend a surface like shown in #1 to the solution in #2?
The outer edge of the surface is suppose to have the same length in #2 as in #1
The deformation is suppose to be in the spaces between the “bricks”.
Since the space is a straight section (let’s say 1mm wide) the bended gap should be more like a triangle.
My goal is to verify if the radius is to small for the gaps to swallow and therefore the bricks will overlap eachother.

Please let me know if you need more information.
Best regards

It doesn’t look too me like you need Kangaroo for this - just dividing the curve by distance and orienting your brick by the curve tangent at those points

Is this what you mean? Or did you actually want to have curved bricks? (17.0 KB)

Almost what I needed. But I should be able to twerk the componets to fit my needs.
Thanks Adam!