Bending a logo along a curve

Hi guys,
I am trying to bend a logo along a curve. I found out the function flow along a curve, thinking is the one I am looking for. However the logo bends in a strange way.
I have attached the curve and the logo and my attempt. I might be doing something wrong with the settings of the command but I am not sure. The logo is an SVG file exported from Illustrator.

If you have any suggestions please do share.


Stevebend logo.3dm (50.7 KB)

Hi Steve - this is what I get:


I used the Line option snapping to the corner of the ‘A’ shape and pulling off to the right with Ortho. I picked the polygon near the start point - note the ShowEnds &ShowDir display of the curve seam to help.
If you Flow with History, you can use CrvSeam to change the location after the fact.

bend logo_PG.3dm (63.3 KB)


Thank you for the quick response.