Bending a group of solids

Hello there. As you can see down below, I need to bend down the arm of that street down to the ground. When i tried around with the “bend” command, the street is also tilted but it has to be straight along the moving direction. Is there any way to bend that group along a predefined curve? Or is there any other way to get the result i need?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe try cage edit, with the preserve structure option on…

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_CageEdit with Curve not work ?


I didnt know that command until now.

Works flawless for me. Thank you both!

Cage editing will work and work quickly, but if you need a less complicated result, you could position profile curves at the pylons and the ends, and use sweep1 or sweep2 to construct your surface/overpass.

The cool thing about using a sweep, is you can “refit within” to loosen up the fit near the pylons to make a really smooth road surfaces. Then you could remake the pylons and subtract the bridge from the top of the pylons.

You can create a post and curve, and array along a curve to make guardrail posts.