Bend through point

I don’t understand enough the bend command mathematics. I checked command help animations but…
How to bend curve through point?

It says “point to bend through” but my cursor is “locked” in to the spine curve…

If I put my cursor to point I want it go through, it bends to the opposite way because it is locked to the spine curve…

Thanks :slight_smile:

An alternative is to use the CageEdit command with a LIne as the control object. The line goes from one end of the curve to the other end. To preserve the direction at the start of the curve use 3 points on the control object. To preserve curvature use 4 points. Move the control point on the end of the control object to the desired location.

Command line history:
Command: CageEdit
Select captive objects
Select captive objects. Press Enter when done
Select control object ( BoundingBox Line Rectangle Box Deformation=Accurate PreserveStructure=No ): Line
Start of line
End of line
Cage parameters ( PointCount=4 Degree=3 )
Region to edit ( Global Local Other )
1 cage point added to selection.
Drag objects, tap Alt to make a duplicate, press and hold Alt to temporarily toggle osnaps

Thank you for your answer.
It looks like bend makes more smooth results. Cage-edit bends more the end…

I never used cage edit Line, 99% have been cage-edit Bounding boxes., So not a bad day, learned 1 more rhino command option :slight_smile:

In the real case I have complex polysurface I want to bend…

Thanks :slight_smile: