Bend for solid objects?

I want to bend the end sections that are in the red rectangles but I want to bend them upwards so they’re all symmetric. So I can’t use the bend tool. Is there a tool similar to the “edit points” that I can use for surfaces?<

CageEdit is very useful for deforming objects including closed polysurfaces. The control object can be a surface or a curve, not only a box made with Cage. Some experimentation with the control objects may be needed.

Hi Amanda - Bend should work on solids/polysurfaces.


Yes, I know bend will work but I want to select all the points in the red rectangles so I can pull them upwards together so they are all being raised by the same height. I’ll try Cade Edit

It’s difficult to see but could you use _SolidPtOn and move the control points using the gumball?

It might result in a mess but worth a try.


If you can’t select multiple Control Points for all the end sections at once, then you can “sync” individual CPs with SetPt, one at the time (or groups of CPs with the same height, at the time).

  1. First Bend one (1) of the end sections to desired form and height.

  2. Keep the Control Points on for the first end section (to be used as a “template” for the others).

  3. Then select the CPs on the other end sections, one CP at a time (or multiple CPs - as many as should have exactly the same height).

  4. Activate SetPt.

  5. In the SetPt dialog, check the Z direction (uncheck X & Y)

  6. then click on the “corresponding” CP on the “template”, and confirm.

  7. Now the selected CPs should have jumped up to the same height as the template end section’s CP. (I’ve used this technique myself all day, today. :slight_smile:

  8. Work with the CPs groupwise for all CPs with the same height.

Hope this helps.

// Rolf