Bend command improvement suggestion

This came to my mind while using bend command. It’s crude now. Can we have bend controlled by bezier handles, at end and on control spline as I try to explain in this image?

Hello - For now, you can attach a curve to your objects and use CageEdit, with the curve as the control. Does that do what you need?


Hi Pascal. I was trying to model multiple beams with random load effect on it. That means the beams should look bent but each differently. I tried bend command and cage edit too. Cage edit do the job but in this case bend would be correct thing to replicate load effect. There might be certain other workaround for it like kangaroo but I thought this could overhaul bend command.

Hello - why is Bend preferable? Does the red control in the attached file provide the ‘bezier’ control you suggest?

BendBezier.3dm (46.5 KB)


Yes, this is good for the work but it’s kind of impractical, or manually more job to make this lines for say, 50 beams and thus cage too if I want to make a cage for each beam. And I have hundreds of beams in fact. And thanks for pointing out bezier option. It is something to look for and most close to what I expected from bend.

@akche001 - see if the attached quick-n-dirty Python does anything good. Use

_RunPythonScript or

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes" (1.2 KB)

(fixed the annoying flashing)


Thanks Pascal!

I’ll write if any problem occurs. Thanks again! :slight_smile: