Bella Renderer ?

Bella for Rhino is a plug-in for Rhino3D that puts out the most realistic renders I’ve ever seen period! But, the catch is that I do notice, even though it gets exterior renders done perfectly, it fails indoor or outdoors when its tasked with rendering something close up with stuff FAR AWAY in the background. The damn background seems to be very low quality while the in focused object(s) are perfectly rendered. The RT part of it is a bit slow, but not too slow. My question is does anyone think this (this being the low quality background when the focus is on something in the foreground) is just during setup/RT viewing or also seen in the final render? I do not have this renderer, just seen and noticed it on Food4Rhino’s website. What I have/use is a render and animation program called SimLab Composer 10 Pro. I’m still very impressed with FluidRay RT (also have not used this one… yet) and maybe Nvidia Iray (as a close 2nd choice), but Bella just might beat those…

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There is nothing inherently low quality about the background, you may just be looking at renders that used a fairly low-resolution HDRI environment, and/or purposely blurred the background by use of depth-of-field. I’ve done most of the images in our gallery, and looking now, apparently I tend to like pretty heavy use of depth of field.

The camera in Bella is modeled to work like a real life DSLR, so the focus of the background just depends on the scene scale and how you set up the aperture. In the Rhino plugin, it works along with the various modes in Rhino’s own Object Props > Focal Blur properties, to set the focus distance.

Please feel free to give it a try (no need to sign up or anything, the software simply runs in “demo” mode indefinitely, if not licensed) and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have. You can find several sample scenes to play with, here.