Bella Render for Rhino plug-in

Diffuse Logic is pleased to announce an open beta for its Bella for Rhino plug-in.

Bella is a new state of the art spectral renderer, written from a clean sheet to achieve unmatched realism. By adhering to a physics-based approach, Bella produces photographic-quality images, while avoiding the need for typical confusing settings.

The Bella for Rhino plug-in (available for Windows & Mac) integrates Bella directly with Rhino, with little need to learn anything new. In its initial iteration, the plug-in supports seamless translation of Rhino settings, materials, and environments, whether rendering directly in a Rhino viewport or using the Render command.

We invite all to join us as we move forward from this initial release, to give feedback as we add more Bella-specific features, and then integrate Bella’s native node-based system with Grasshopper.

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Posted Mar 16, 2020 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.

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