Beira-Rio stadium script - shift list issue

Beira-Rio_3D_Model.3dm (59.9 KB) (33.5 KB)

I’ve been trying to recreate the Beira-Rio stadium script following the tutorial.

In the attached script the shift list component was supposed to generate the horizontal members between points 2 and 3 as shown in blue in the sketch below, but instead, i’m still getting the connection between 1 and 2. Could you, please, help me resolve this.

don’t know what the tutorial suggests, I’d do something like this:

[edit: removed GH file]

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Thank you very much.
I’m attaching the final script and rhino file provided in the tutorial
Why do you think this logic they suggested
did not work? For some reason I could not replicate:

Beira-Rio_3D_Model.3dm (9.0 MB) (40.1 KB)

Why do you think the shift list and tree branch did not work in my script?

I think ParamViewer + ShiftList (with offset = -1) + TreeBranch also works properly

but this file looks like a different overall shape from the one in your screenshot?

Please see here, I have uploaded the tutorial videos. Also the zipped folder with their rhino and GH files.
I was trying to replicate what they are showing in this video. But why do not these three components work in my script to create those horizontal connecting lines that i asked about? They work in this video. This is in the end of video #9:

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would you, please see the end of video 9 that I uploaded.
It talks about those components I asked about. I uploaded the
whole tutorial folder:

I think there is something wrong in the “Oval” cluster… the shape it produces is self intersecting

looks like picking the very other shattered curve in the cluster produces the right result:

this empty line in the Panel can be deleted:

when you play with sliders on A, I would advice to turn on the preview of B and C and make sure both components in C are actually producing results (if they output empty trees, then the definition won’t work properly anymore)

those 3 components work fine on my PC:

I’m not happy to share these GH file anymore because I think this is copyrighted material not intended for free distribution

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I removed the folder with all the material.
The very first script I sent was made by me, following the tutorial, so it’s ok to discuss here.
I found the mistake: The branch component in my script had “maintain paths” enabled,
and it connected point in wrong sequence.

I need to better understand the branch component.

Thank you for all your help!

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