BeginSaveDocument event is raised twice when copying


It seems the BeginSaveDocument event is fired twice when you copy an object. Specifically with the CopyToClipboard command that is called when using ctrl-c for example. Looking at the EventArgs for the event is appears to save two temp files.

It is causing us some issues with our plugin, and we had to work around this since there doesn’t seem to be any proper Copy event. Does anyone know if this is on purpose or a bug? See the attached example if you want to replicate this. (178.4 KB)

Hi @SK-Structurecraft,

Does this help?

– Dale

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Thanks for the quick reply, I missed that post since I just searched for the event names.

That clarifies why there the event is raised two times. I looked a bit at EventArgs and there seems to be no way of figuring out which of the files is for which version of Rhino. I supposed you can use File3dm to get that info, but that is less than ideal.

Is there any way of turning of this functionality through the API? Or would it be possible to have this info added to the EventArgs so we can filter out those events?