Beginner Questions about Grid 02

Hi, I found a new tutorial and a new problem :wink:
‘‘Paneling Fixed Size Modules’’
I came up until 2:12min.
In the tutorial, only one area its marked and you are able to split the grid by the pull Command.
In Rhino 7 , all surfaces are marked and the following command is not executed.
What should I do instead ?

I found the mistake by myself. After testing Paneling Tools with Rhino 6, I found out that the option AddEdges was on yes.(correct) I had overlooked this in Rhino 7.(there it was -no) :blush:

Unfortunately, I’m not very much further with the tutorial.
To create tiles I have to change the Add Faces option and the result doesn’t look good
I don’t know what went wrong.
Could you please help me, thanks