Beginner Questions about Grid 02

Hi, I found a new tutorial and a new problem :wink:
‘‘Paneling Fixed Size Modules’’
I came up until 2:12min.
In the tutorial, only one area its marked and you are able to split the grid by the pull Command.
In Rhino 7 , all surfaces are marked and the following command is not executed.
What should I do instead ?

I found the mistake by myself. After testing Paneling Tools with Rhino 6, I found out that the option AddEdges was on yes.(correct) I had overlooked this in Rhino 7.(there it was -no) :blush:

Unfortunately, I’m not very much further with the tutorial.
To create tiles I have to change the Add Faces option and the result doesn’t look good
I don’t know what went wrong.
Could you please help me, thanks

Did you select the base surface to pull to?
Also, there are situation where the corner faces can be trimmed in a way that does not match the underlying surface. See the following clip to clarify: