Beginner Problem: How do I optimize this?

Hello there!

I was wondering how I could make this better by maybe using a list? I want to create it without using any inputs from Rhino. I do not think that this is the best way to create this. Would appreciate if you guys could help me out.

Final.3dm (67.1 KB) (16.1 KB)



Like this? (8.2 KB)

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This solution is even better!

Everything now depends on the base plane (and sliders). (8.2 KB)

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wow thank you, I will try to understand it and make the final structure i am aiming for. :smile:

R7 .3dm file cannot be opened in R6, but apparently you aren’t using it? (10.8 KB)

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I am using R7 :slight_smile:

Final_R6.3dm (59.0 KB)

Is there a good reason to use “Deconstruct Plane” for this example?

I figured that out. But why bother with a Rhino file if you aren’t using it in the GH model ?

I just want to have the final shape I am aiming for in a Rhino model so I can recreate it in GH

In software, nothing is final.

I used it like a guide or template is the better word for it

I will note that down hahah
Thanks alot for your alternative version helps me out alot

Yes, other than the origin, you also get the x-, y-, and z-axes of the plane, which can be used to move the points and extrude the perimeter curve that is created through them, instead of using fixed, static axis components. This has the great benefit that you only need to switch out the plane to orient your rhombus object differently. It’s way more flexible!

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I tried to be close as possible to @diff-arch 's logic in his solution that I also used as base to continue.
Kinda Proud but I think there is an error with how the objects are bound to each other since they are not as far as i understand.
so basicly if I would move the rhombus, the connecting parts would not follow. Im not sure how to solve that problem

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with that :slightly_smiling_face: (25.3 KB)


The error on the red Division component is due to an extra empty line in the text panel:

  1. Text could not be evaluated as an expression


You need to fix that first by making sure the text panel contains only '2" without the CRLF and blank line below it.

Then you need to move the four “Rotation_Modules” up as you did the diamond shape, or do a solid union (SUnion) before moving the combined shapes.

P.S. Like this (white group): (18.2 KB)

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I made it so that the connecting parts are already up and will adjust their height when beeing sized up/down.
The error youre showing is unknown to me I did not encounter it with my file, not sure what happened there.

Thanks for your help! <3

Oh? So the four blocks are between the two diamonds? My mistake. Then I don’t understand your question? Maybe you want the SUnion for all six pieces?

I’m using R6 where the Division error is very obvious… (15.6 KB)

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Thanks alot!

I would appreciate if you have any suggestions on how I could optimize what I already have, I have the feeling that this is not the best/shortest (parametric) solution. (15.1 KB)

Have a nice evening!

Renaming components (SUnion as Combined) is a bad idea as it will cause confusion. It’s better to rename only inputs and outputs.

There is rarely a single best way to write code. As you get familiar with data trees, you will find ways to get the same results with fewer components. I connect text panels to component outputs temporarily to examine them and use this ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool when I want to examine geometry:

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Here is an entirely different method for creating the four blocks (white group). They have the same length and thickness as your model but are centered on the diamond edges. Yours are not. (21.6 KB)

P.S. By the way, this method guarantees that the blocks will be perpendicular to the diamond edges, no matter what changes are made to its dimensions. Yours has a Rotate feature to achieve that, requiring manual adjustment to approximate square.

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