Beginner needs help with voronoi dividing segments and crystal growth

Hello everyone,

I’m new to grasshopper and I need to do some work for studying.
I tried to reproduce the scripts of the PDF “dividing Segments and Crystal growth”

Sadly it doesn’t do well…

screenshot_1 shows that I can’t continue, because the mass Addition lacks of data and I dont know why
screenshot_2 shows that I can’t connect 2 SDiff to 1 SUnion

I hope someone is able to help and solve my poblems with some Explanation, it would be great!

0x - Dividing Segments & Crystal (56.2 KB) Dividing Segments & Crystal Growth.pdf (4.4 MB)

For the first problem:

You can see from the tree viewer, the path is 3 deep rather than 2 deep.

For the second part, you are missing the brep, you seem to have forgotten to internalise it.
The question you are asking however is answered in the tutorial files that come with grasshopper.
Hold shift when you try to add the second wire.