Beam - Roadlike Orientation

When using the beam tool around a curve, in this case a spiral, is it possible to set the beam orientation to a ‘roadlike’ type sweep instead of the default ‘freeform’?

Hi @arcus,

Currently there is only the default orientation, which would be “aligned” option.

I will add your request to add in future version a “vertical” option to keep it aligned vertically like the sweep’s roadlike option that you mentioned.
The result would be similar to the railing’s rail component > Location > Orientation option.

Kind regards

Thanks @RamonC
That would be great, does that mean that the depth would still be measured perpendicularly to the curve? So if I cut a sloped 6"x6" square tube in a vertical plane it measure be a little more than 6" because of the angle?

The issue I was running into is that the profile seems to rotate as it sweeps along the curve, in the case above the tube was first pinned to the bottom, then top, then right of the curve rather than consistently pinned to the top.


Hi @arcus,

Yes, it would still be measured perpendicular. So only if the cut plane is perpendicular to the path you will get the real dimension.

This is what happens with the “freeform” since it would be the “natural” way. But when we add the vertical option it will be forced to keep the same orientation relative to the z axis, like the “roadlike” sweep from your picture.

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That sounds great, thanks so much!