Beam Plan Visibility & Rotation Paramter

I have 2 question about beam.

  1. Visibility
    Plan Visibility is currently set to "Projection with “Overhead”. However, when a beam is selected, overhead is shonw, but when the selection is deactivated, it’s gone. How can I have it shown in plan

  2. Rotation Paramter
    Rotation is available in Grasshoper Beam Option componet, but it’s not in Rhino
    How can I use rotation option in Rhino?


Hi @archist97,

The “Overhead” representation of objects is only visible in plan views, when the cut plane of the level where the object is inserted is enabled.

The “Rotation” parameter for beams is called “Roll” in the Properties panel:

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Cut Plane of the level is currently enable, but I can’t get overhead.