Beam intersection problem

i have made automate drawing for beams in 2D but i faced some problem client need beam to be like this

sec beam is offset away from main beam by distance

i’am get this but i don’t know how to make sec beam like that

there is a script if any one can help me with this thanks so much

Beam (15.2 KB)

Beam Cuts Edited (13.2 KB)

Curve Cutter is from Viper7
zohozer/Vipers: Vipers: Components developed by Tang Chi for Rhinoceros/Grasshopper. (

can u upload gha file cause i use link but component i get in chainese language and i need it in english

i copy it in component folder but dosen’t show is it for rhino 7 ?

thanks it’s work

Unblock it?

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