Beam element

Through a couple of benchmark tests, it seems like the beam element only consider bending. Even if the section is led to an extremely small value, it does not become a cable. Is this correct?


hey, the beam always remains a beam, i.e. has always bending stiffness. But the bending stiffness should decrease when lowering the moment of inertia. The normal force becomes dominant if the cross section area is larger and the behavior is closer to a cable (But still with some bending stiffness if Iy and Iz are unequal to zero. This might even be beneficial for large deformations avoiding zero engery modes and stabilising the analysis).
Why do you want to use the beam element as cable?

Hi Anna,

Sorry, it was my mistake. I have some form-finding code and was using Kiwi3D to do deformation analysis. Recently, I was trying to extend my form-finding code to do the deformation analysis within the same code, and the results did not match. They match when I omit the normal force of the beams. That’s why I asked. But I found lots of errors in my code today. Maybe I’ll give up my effort and keep using Kiwi3D. Please just disregard this post.