Beam along lines (14.2 KB)

I created in grasshopper a beam cross section. I like to sweep the beam along lines, which i also created in grasshopper. How can i achieve these?

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Since you want several profiles to be swept along several lines this requires a level-2 datatree, I used Graft Parallel from Elefront plugin.
From a geomety standpoint, you need to Orient the section in a perpendicular frame - aligned vertically here - and then use Sweep1.
It could be simplified with an extrusion, but would only work for lines. (22.6 KB)

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Thanks, when i open your grasshopper definition i get an error at sweep 1. What am I doing wrong? (15.6 KB)

Booo ! Region Union is cheating :smiley:
(Assuming here that the OP wants three distinct plates and not one solid)

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You need to download Elefront 4.2.2. When opening the file it should ask you to do so, or you can use PackageManager.

Have a look at @Joseph_Oster solution which avoids that but only outputs one solid per beam, maybe it’s enough for you.

You are ignoring this error message when you open his file:


Me too. I guess there is problem in @magicteddy 's definition.

Tahnks, it works! To create solids i use the cap holes component.

Even if @CeliaNE wants three distinct plates (which doesn’t seem likely), it can be done without Elefront, like this: :sunglasses: (19.4 KB)

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How can i sweep the beam under the curve? At the moment the beam is upwards the curve.

You can move the RUnion output in the -Y direction, like this: (16.3 KB)

Or construct it differently, Or move the reference plane (default is XY). Or… whatever. The most important thing is to understand the code so you can modify it.