Beam along a curve...PLEASE HELP

I am sorry if I sound stupid, but I keep failing on doing a square beam along a curve. I have for two years been doing them by hand in Rhino; but would like to know if at the END of a CURVE, I can create a section rectangle (perpendicular to the endpoint of the curve) and lowering it down; then making a loft or sweep along the curve, something like this drawing…

Thank you for your help!

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 5.46.40 PM|372x500


Yes, definitely.

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God Bless you Joseph! Thank you for your help, will now try to find the parameters; because I don’t know the icons all well.

Thank you

Vikthor, thank you very much for your help

I am sorry for my ignorance, but I can manipulate the width and size of the rectangle??

I don’t know how to make the B in the construct domain (-x), nor adding (40ms) to the Sweep1

You can use two sliders instead of only one. One for the X dimension of the rectangle and another for the ‘A’ and ‘B’ inputs to Construct Domain that determines the Y dimension. They can both be Real (Floating Point) instead of Integer.

Right-click on the ‘B’ input and select ‘Expression’, then enter “-x”.

What do you mean by “adding (40ms) to the Sweep1”?

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“40ms” it only marks the runtime

right click on B

By the way, you can have an expression on both ‘A’ and ‘B’ inputs; ‘A’ is “-x/2” and ‘B’ is “x/2”. That way, the Y dimension overall will be the same as the slider value instead of double it.

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Its working great! One more question, how do I turn it into a square section? I am trying with the expression but cannot seem to do it.

Does it affect if the expression is not x, -x, R … but … x, -x, y

I cannot find the expression with the R

Thanks Vikthor and Joseph (Gracias Vikthor; ya vi que eres Colombiano; muchos saludos)

You’ll get a better answer if you post the code you have. Expressions on inputs/outputs must always use “x” to refer to the value, regardless of the label (‘A’ or ‘B’). If you’ve done it as I suggested, then using a single slider for both X and Y will result in a square.

P.S. The Expression component with the ‘R’ output is under ‘Maths | Script’.

P.P.S. You could replace the Expression component with another Construct Domain component…

Here. This is what I am trying to do… But I cannot seem to get a hold on it. Some pipes will be right angled, and some will be curved as seen here. But I want the intersections to come out smoothly, as a door frame would do, instead of rotating and not resulting in a true stable frame.

is what @Joseph_Oster has been explaining

And this (white group for left sweep, yellow group for right sweep):

How to set on multiple curves?