Batch print to PDF PLEASE! Anyone? Maybe a Windows script that automates the process in Rhino?

I do a lot of pdf printing and often my viewports are set to arctic or rendered view mode (as they print with the cleanest look), which for whatever reason, makes printing a pdf painfully slow.

From my searching on this forum, it appears rhino batch printing is still not developed, so I ask if anyone has a script that runs in windows that would essentially automate the process. Currently, my workflow is as such:

  1. print command which opens the print setup popup
  2. select bullzip pdf as my printer of choice (the rhino pdf printer quality is very unfortunately lacking)
  3. select settings like raster or vector, then view and output scale (usually set to layouts with scale 1:1 so no need for custom windows)
  4. click the print button
  5. wait for the printing progress window to sweep the preview
  6. bow my head in a moment of silence to ask print god forgiveness for anything I may have done to upset them
  7. realize my prayers are not being answered after several minutes
  8. but…alas:
  9. print finishes and a dialogue box pops up to save the file
  10. name it
  11. save it
  12. repeat.

This, sometimes 15x for 15 layouts.
15x 4min per print = 60 minutes of waiting. Every time.


If anyone has a script that would run this process for all the layouts, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

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