Batch plot (Python script) doesn´t work with visual ARQ clipping

batch plot layoutov (864 Bytes)


I have found a script to print multiple layouts in batch but this only works with Rhino clipping planes and not with Visual ARQ clipping.

The 1st layout of the list works fine but from then on the layouts are printed without clipping. I have already tried using python to make the layout active before printing but without success.

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance

Kind regards,
Jan Van Loy

Hello @Jan_Van_Loy,

I see the problem with the Python script. However, you can already print multiple layouts with the current Rhino options, why do you need to use this Python script?

You can print multiple layouts using the “Multiple layouts” or the “All layouts” options in the Print Setup:


Plans for building permits in Belgium, each view and section must be on a separate PDF. It is also not possible to print in different formats (in one pdf-file) with the Rhino print, A1, A2, A3.

Hello @Jan_Van_Loy,

Ok, I understand. I have already reported the issue. I’ll keep you updated about it.

Thanks Alfonso,

I am going to use the plan view and section view tool to generate the views and sections. then I have no problems with the clipping planes in the batchplot script. you have made a nice script for this.

Architecture modeling in Rhino with VisualARQ and Grasshopper - YouTube (Where can i find the script , min 53 in this video?)

I am trying to extend it a bit so that the layouts with the correct name are automatically created and printed. I found a nice example by dharman.

There are some problems with Rhino and Visual ARQ but I bought a license of Visual ARQ today. I like Visual ARQ and we will find some workarounds to do the job. I am a construction (wood and steel) draftsman in Tekla Structures (70% of the time) for my architectural en permit drawings I will use Visual ARQ. Revit or ArchiCAD are too expensive for me.

Hi @Jan_Van_Loy,

You can find it here:

Which problems? We are very interested to know how you would like to use VisualARQ as we develop it according to users needs, so if you have any request, please, let me know anytime.

@Jan_Van_Loy find attached the definition for creating multiple plan views with VA GH components:
Plan Views from (10.4 KB)

Hi Alfonso and Francesc,

Thanks for the info and the GH-scripts. If I have time, I will make my own version for Belgian permit drawings with automatic layout creation.

I have been practising and testing Visual ARQ for the past few weeks. Here are my results

Things I miss in Visual ARQ:

1) Hidden lines in section en elevation views
	a. It is only possible with the technical style, see example of my screen support and a post on the forum
2) Direct modification and visualisation of dimensions like in Revit, BricsCAD or Tekla Structures, see attached screenshots
	a. That is something for Rhino. Visual ARQ can't do much about that, i think
3) automatic hatching of sections looks good but it is not possible to automatically hatch surfaces
	a. For now i give a hatch in the 3D-model (draw a rectangle or polyline en hatch it) and they are visible in the elevation views

Things that are great in Visual ARQ:
1) Grasshopper styles
a. It is now possible to keep GH scripts parametric in Rhino. When you make a bake, all parametric benefits are gone. all changes made after a bake are then lost.
2) Visual ARQ grashopper components
3) IFC import and export plug-in.
a. My Tekla Structures IFC export looks very nice in Visual ARQ
b. It is possible to continue working on my Tekla Structures models in Visual ARQ and import Visual ARQ designs into Tekla, great!
4) Price quality it is a wonderful plug-in. Revit or ArchiCAD are too expensive for me. I draw 80% steel, timber and concrete structures in Tekla. The other 20% I do architectural jobs. I think Visual ARQ is the right solution for me

I have only been working with Visual ARQ for a short time and I still have a lot to learn, also my Rhino skills need a lot of improvement. It is very nice to work with Visual ARQ and Rhino. That’s the beginning of everything, it has to be fun. Working with SketchUp is not my cup of tea, working with Rhino and Visual ARQ is fun.

Kind regards,
Jan Van Loy

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Hi @Jan_Van_Loy,

Thank you so much for all your feedback! It is really important for us to know how you use VisualARQ in order to keep improving it. I have just included all your requests in our list for future development, I’ll keep you updated about them!

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