Batch image import to specific grid tile location

Hi All,

Im a bit stuck with a task Im trying to achieve on Rhino-GH. Hopefully, someone can help out?!

I have a Map-index grid created for an entire city to scale.

And I have each tile as a raster tiff file which needs to be imported and placed in its corresponding location. For ex. 07NE07B raster image file needs to be scaled to its exact grid location. See below…

I have already done this process using PDFs once. But the input file selection and location (point) had to be done manually. I’m looking to automate that process with TIFF files since there are about 3000 of such tiles. Scaling, locating, and placing the right tile in its right location.
Attached is the GH file Ive been using so far and a couple of raster jpeg files for reference.

07NE14D (97.2 KB)

Any help would be much appreciated!