Basic shape won't cap

can’t figure out why this doesn’t cap, or caps improperly.

cap.3dm (64.8 KB)

The wall thickness is only 0.01. Change the absolute tolerance from 0.01 to 0.001.

Why are you modeling such a small object in feet instead of inches (or millimeters)?

Tolerance has gotten me before. I’ll adjust it. Thank you for your help!

Why I’m using feet? Simple answer. This is only a small equipment item inside a much bigger model, a ship hull and bulk heads. If it’s standard procedure to constantly switch units during modeling, this would be the first I’ve heard of it. Always something to learn though.

Not necessarily. How big is the ship? I don’t run into trouble with my ‘environments’ that typically measure 22 x 28 x 15 meters when working in millimeters with tolerance 0.001.