Basic problem of aligning one thing next to another

Ok… attached is a file showing a racetrack type oval and adjacent to it a plain ole straight line… why you guys call a straight line a curve beats me, but ok.

On the right side of the oval are two points.

What I would like to do is bring the oval over next to the line such that the two points on the oval are both exactly 8.5mm from the line… in other words put the right side of the oval along its lenth parallel to the straight line.

Now I could spend hours and probably get it… but an engineer or good draftsman would now how to go about this in a succinct manner or with an elegant understanding of the proper steps… can you demonstrate this for me.

Thanks VeAnn
alignment exercise.3dm (30.8 KB)

Step 1: Create an alignment curve (line) by using the Offset command on the line with an offset distance of 8.5 mm. This line will serve as a guide for placing the racetrack oval.

Step 2: Select the oval and the two points. Enable object snapping “Osnap” in the lower part of the screen and make sure that “Point” and “Near” snaps are enabled.

Step 3: Use the Move command to move the selection. Select the lower point as the first point, and place it on the guiding line. By pressing Shift or enabling “Ortho” the movement can be restricted to horizontal only.

Step 4: Rotate the race track using the Rotate command. Select as center of rotation the lower point, then click the upper point, then click on the guiding line. Both points are now on the guiding line.

Step 5: Delete the guiding line.

Or follow menno’s steps one and two then use the orient command. Orient works like align in autocad, if you are familiar with that program.

Aha, and so you learn new things :smile:

Ya, You know, there are lots of ways to do things, especially in rhino. Another way is get a angular dimension, which on the model is 7.5 degrees between the edge of the oval and the line. From this, you can rotate 7.5 degrees. Do the above offset, then move it over.
I ran into problems on a multipieced solid model using orient by 2-3 points, then angular dimensions, and I’m still fuzzy on it, but adding points would’ve helped me at that time. I’m trying to think of some other ways, but I usually am not dealing with lines at specific angles, and has brought me to a new question.

  1. Can the regular ortho function of 90 degrees,180,270 etc be overid to be perpendicular to the object during commands? Lets say just in the regular line command, you enter 3 for a length after the start point (lets say using near osnaps, on a line for the line start point) Now instead of using shift for ortho at 90, can anything be hit to be 90 to the object, or perpendicular?

I know there is the lines tangent, and perpendicular commands, etc,

But I was just wondering if there was a way to do it in other commands.