Basic hinge rotation problem Bongo 2.0


I am in need of help. I cannot figure out how to rotate a plane about an irregular axis. I am familiar with pivot moves and rotations, however this particular plane is on a non-orthogonal angle and does not want to rotate to the correct pivot. I have also tried experimenting with joints and chains without success.

Clean model is attached. Very, very simple.

I need to create a closed triangular box. The animation is complete, except for the final, problematic plane. Any help is hugely appreciated.

Thank you!!

Help Rotation Problem.3dm (233.0 KB)

The problem was that I was rotating in world space. I don’t exactly know what that means, but it’s fixed. Thanks for any considerations of this problem.

World space is the default X,Y, and Z axes and those same default construction planes. They are flat and straight. When you rotate to a different axis, you have to use a custom or local axes.