Basic Help: looping with one variable for the 1st round & another from the 2nd onward


I am very new to Python and Rhino and would like to seek help here:

I am trying to create a loop to draw circles with different centres. While the centre of the first circle is given (‘c’), I want the other subsequent circles’ centres to be another new variable (‘center’). In short, only the first loop starts with ‘c’, and from the 2nd loop onwards starts with ‘center’.

What I’ve got now:

It must be very basic but I still can’t get it after hours of googling. Any advice appreciated, thank you!


Can you redefine c inside , at the end of, the loop after doing the other operations?

That way you will use a new vale of c for the second and subsequent iterations


Thank you, Graham!

I was thinking this way too, but if I type ‘c = center’ after line 38 and the error ‘not enough argument’ shows up, and if i type ‘center = c’ after line 38 the values of c remains the same i.e. rs.CircleCenterPoint(circle) defined in line 15.