Basic Elements for Building Design with Rhino webinar by Ergocad

Basic Elements for Building Design with Rhino
Introductory webinar by Ergocad

For those who want to get to know the basic tools of Rhino, Ergocad has prepared a detailed tutorial presenting the program’s features specifically for architecture (without going into additional plugins such as VisualARQ, which will be covered in a later lesson).

Seminar Topics:

0:01:45 - Working environment/Command recognition/Basic design/Changing units of measurement.
0:11:35 - Import of dwg floor plan/Layers organization
0:17:44 - Creating masonry wall layout - Ddwg.
0:21:59 - Creating openings
0:29:17 - Creating floor/roof
0:31:26 - Material placement/Photorealistic visualization
0:34:20 - Introduction to 3D modeling of complex shapes: Loft/ Sweap Rail


Information about Rhino and plugins at

Posted Aug 23, 2023 by Agustina Jaime on Rhino News, etc.