Basic architectural shapes

As a beginner coming from CAO software, despite having watched the tutos, I have much difficulties to draw even very simple shapes. Arch design is rather about strait and radial curves (arc) than about splines. An example (from archicad)

AFAIU, I have to create first a polyline with lines and arc in VisualARQ. Painfull but workable. Then I try to redisign something Example:

I just want my wall to continue as a tangent to the strait wall and to finish perpendicular to the other. Very commun. I have firt to draw a line because the arc tool flip the arc in the wrong direction if I ty to use the smartTrack on the wall end. Painfull. Then I want the arc to end perpendiculat to the other wall. The smartTrack give several guides but never the perpendicular of the wall. Not just painfull, I can’t do it.
How do you do that? Thanks in advance.

Hi, as you know you can create walls from curves. You can first draw an auxiliary line perpendicular to the point on the wall where you want it to be tangent, find the intersection with the other wall, that will determine the center of the arch, and finally draw the arc. Then just need to create the wall from that arc.

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you’re right Francesc. Geometrical technics solve everything.

But basically, guides (smartTrack) are supposed to substitute the geometric technics

My point is that we should have “smart guide” inside the wall tool, in order to be able not just to draw just segmented polywall but also “polyline/arc” walls (watch my first picture). Somehow, walls work like curves.

BTW, SmartTrack is unhandy , sometimes it work, sometimes not.

All right, we take this as a suggestion for the future development.