Basement Insulation Animation

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Hi Everyone,
Here’s an animation I did a couple months ago that the client has released to the public. They put it on both YouTube and on the Lowe’s Home Center website. The YouTube video doesn’t have quite as good of a compression as on Lowe’s so I’ve got both weblinks below. On Lowe’s it’s the second video when you click on images, not the first one. Anyway, just thought I’d share. It’s just an educational video, but was still fun. Maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance to do an emotionally compelling animation! !

All Rhino and Octane, and video editing done in HitFilm Pro.

Lowe’s Link (second animation under images, not the first one):


And how were hammer blows realized?

Hi Modeler3D,

The hammer blows were simple to do for this one, as I just hand key framed them.

For the hammer, i moved the pivot point to the position a hand would be on the handle and used that for the rotation point for the swing. As for the hit on BOTH the hammer and plastic retainer they were both just hand key framed together with linear motion to get a hard start and stop.

If this was something more complex I would have looked into setting up a parent/child relationship so that the hammer was the parent, etc. I’ve done that for objects that hit and pushed other objects. But this was just 3 blows, little movement, and straight movement, it was very fast to just hand key frame the movement.

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