Barnes Wallis geodetics skinned with Rhino way?

Hi, V5
could Rhino be used to lay skin over a geodetic structure then apply ‘dope’ and have it pull it in slightly to give the classic Wellington wing surface effect ?

Anyone care to show the effect matching the real thing ?


i would be interested in what exactly you are looking for, do you want to apply a surface over a geodetic structure and have it cover the surface like minimal surface would do?

I’m guessing this is what Steve is trying to achieve.

yes, but he writes that he wants to layer a skin over this geodetic structure,
so maybe he wants to explain that a little closer

I want the end result to look like a skinned wellington or Vickers Wellesley where the surface has dipped slightly , the dope when it dries pulls the fabric inwards, there is a slight sag between frames, though its drum tight, not sloppy. So one sees lots of diamond dippies !
Look at the Trumpeter 1/48 kit of the wellington, they have overdone the effect.

Nice pic by the way, a link to its source would be appreciated. :grinning: