Bamboo House by Archiunion Architects - Modeling Solutions?

Came across a radical roof design by Archiunion:ARCHI-UNION
Does anyone have any idea where to start if I want to replicate this interwoven roof via 1. manual modeling; 2. grasshopper? It would be great to learn how to resolve complex surfaces like this.

Don’t know GH, but manually an approximation would be two 3/4 turn helixes (the loops of the 8) and then joined by two overlapping lines (middle bit of the 8) creating a continuous curve. Then draw an inverted V and sweep one rail. note that the inverted V has to pass above the other as they cross each other so don’t make it too deep. All this would certainly need tweaking, but it’s a start. HTH

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Oh Yes! Helix, I haven’t thought about that. Let me give that a try

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