Baking textures of multiple objects into one file

Hi! Sorry if this has been asked before, but as the title says I’m trying to bake the textures of about 20 objects into one image file. The bake command seems to limit me to one object at a time which would be incredibly tedious for me in the long term. I’ve found Blender tutorials for this exact situation but I’m in too deep to switch programs. Happy to install plug-ins or anything like that, would just love any help with this please!

Hello- as far as I know there is no provision for that in Rhino. I do not, off hand, see a good workaround either, if you must have a single file out the other end. It looks like Bake is not fully scriptable, either - which seems like a bug.


Hi @pascal, i just ran into similar issues using the _Bake command. It would be nice to have some improvements eg:

  • make comand scriptable to suppress dialogs
  • accept meshes (!)
  • remember entered values in the dialog
  • add the “Include Edges” option to the dialog instead of the command prompt
  • gives user control over edge and background color (transparency)
  • expose the command into RhinoCommon

Since the command removes all decals from the object, i think it is very destructive. If a user runs the command once, but with a too low resolution, there is no way to re-bake with the previous decal assignment. They are gone forever. A copy object option would prevent this. Even better would be to preserve the decals and have a toggle to switch off their visibility. The Bake command could do this…


Hi @pascal, as a follow up to my wishes above, please note a small bug in the _Bake commands’s dialog on mac. If the dialog is opened and the lock symbol is enabled, typing a Width of 4096 yields a computed Height of 260.



Hi Clement - thanks for the nudge, I’ll add a bug track item for the wishes and this bug.

RH-68024 Bake: make it scriptable
RH-68025 Bake: Bake meshes
RH-68026 Bake: UI tune up
RH-68027 Bake: add to RhinoCommon

Can you tell me more about the control for edge and background color? Do you wnt to be able to set any rgb or argb color for these?


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Thanks for the reports. Yes, it would be useful to control the island (naked) edge color and background color, or set it to 100% transparent. These options could be part of the dialog. I am not sure how to handle the decal removal after baking. Imho it would be useful to have toggles for each decal visibility which the _Bake command could just turn off so the decals stay intact.