Baking objects with consitent ID or names

Im working on a complex object made in GH (the GH Guitar) where I change the size or position of a cavity.

Each time I bake a new version of a part for CNC testing I have to redefine the geometry in the RhinoCAM job geometry parameters (which curve, etc). This is ultra tedious.

I can bake parts to layers but RhinoCAM doesn’t link objects to layers, I believe it’s using the Object ID. I needto try! Obviously if number of curves in the brep change, this will cause issues but if not, it’s a huge advantage.

So the question is “How do you recreate the same previous ID to the object you bake?”

Im using Rhino 7, Elefront and found these guys…


Live updating is what im seeing - auto-push block def?


the rhinocommon
method should keep the ID.
(do it via scripting component in Rhino 7)

or use rhino 8

not sure about posted plug-ins

Look into LegoPod (Legopod | Food4Rhino)

That plugin has some nice components. What you are looking for is “Replace Objects”.

Reference the geometry you want to update, plug it into the R (maybe pass it though GUID component), and put new geometry into G

Use with caution.

Caution indeed! :space_invader:

If i can avoid scripting… But noted! Thanks for the ideas.

Safer option but no id…
How do i pickup the id in the first place?


I don’t know how to do it in with the plugin you posted (is it EleFront?).

You can find GUID component it standard PRIMITIVES group.

See here with a small demo of how to use it:

Reference your geometry, then connect it to the GUID - it will spit out the objectID. Adjust geometry as you like, plug it into the LegoPod component and hit “Replace”.

Will try tomorrow! Thanks for the hints!