Baking lines as IFC Objects

Not sure if this is because of VisualARQ or Rhino but when I bake lines from Grasshopper to Rhino they look correct, but when I save them as an IFC they have some bends that is not suppose to be there.


BIM Vision viewer:

test linje (87.3 KB)

test linje brenna.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi Anders,
I get the same error in BIM Vision Viewer when I open that ifc file. But when I re-import it in Rhino-VisualARQ it appears fine. I guess it might be an issue on BIM Vision’s side.

Hi Francesc
Looks like BIM vision is mostly at fault here. I tried several other IFC viewer, although most do not show the lines at all, at least one of them actually showed the lines correctly.