Baking issue: overlapping surfaces

Hello community!

I´m new to Grasshopper, and definitely I´m doing something wrong. But I´ve been looking for a similar situation on the internet, and I couldn´t find a way to solve this issue:

I´m applying a fairly simple pattern onto a spatial surface. Spheres with variable radii, using the surface perimeter as an attractor (radii decrease the closer to the perimeter).
Although the preview is exactly the end-result I´m looking for, by the time I bake those spheres, I get a set of 4 surfaces (overlapping spheres) on each location shown on the preview.

Any thoughts of what I´m doing wrong? BTW, I´m using Lunchbox for the Diamond Panels that define the center points for the spheres.

GH file and screenshots of the preview and the overlapping surfaces (after baking) are attached.

Many thanks!

Ignacio, (11.0 KB)

Hi Ignacio -
In the future, please internalize all referenced geometry in the Grasshopper file. Your Surface and Curve parameters are empty when someone that doesn’t have the geometry opens the file:

That will make it impossible for people without that plug-in to be able to help you. If the problem that you are asking help with isn’t directly related to a component of a plug-in, you can simply internalize the output of such component in the next component or in a general Data component. That way, more people will be able to help.

You are placing spheres on all corners of each diamond. All diamonds have at least 1, most 4, other diamond that shares corners. On these shared corners, multiple spheres will be place.
You’ll need to cull duplicate points before placing the spheres.