Baking in nestet Layers with Grasshopper


I have to bake a lot of geometry into a lot of nested layers. Therefore I am now trying to use the LunchBox baking component.

for the input “layer”, I inserted the following:


Which should create a system of sub-layers. After baking, the sublayer structure however is not created. Instead, all the geometry is baking the layer “Layer_A::Layer_B::Layer_C::Layer_D”

Does someone have an idea, how to fix that?

Greetings from Stuttgart,


Doesn’t look supported in the lunchbox plugin. Try the Elefront Plugin(shown below), or Human.

Hi @rudolf.neumerkel,

This works from Python:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.Command('_-Layer _New Layer_A::Layer_B::Layer_C::Layer_D _Enter', False)

– Dale