Baking Distribute to Grid

Hi, when I bake the ‘distribute to grid’ component I only get geometry, no text, which is visible only in grasshopper. Is there any workaround?




If you bake the Distribute to Grid component with the Middle Mouse botton action, it will bake the text as well. Middle Mouse click on the componnet and then choose the bake option. It will bake the texts as well.

Hi Milad, after finishing the analyses, I try to use distribute to the grid, but it couldn’t show name of sliders only show data input. What should I do?


What do you mean by “Name of the sliders”?

yes I put name for each slider with (wlc_Hieght, wlc_Width, etc…) but is not show in final only show Data imput

If these are genes, you can retrieve them with decoding gene after the simulation finished, there is no need to have them connected to data input. But if you wish to do so, and if you want to have the names written, you need to concatenate the names with the numbers and connect the concatenated text to the data input. The names of the sliders won’t show up like this

Do you mean like this?

No. You can not plot genes like this using the Distribute to Grid component.
what I mean is that you need to construct a new data input before wallacei (names + values, this can be the name of the genes and the gene values) and then run the simulation with that new data input, then you can plot them with this component.
On a different note, you can decode the genes using the decode genome and plot their values next to the phenotypes separately.

Thanks for your response Milad, Could show me with picture? Or do you have a tutorial for this?