Baking and grouping objects

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, I think it may be more Rhino than grasshopper.

I’m using several Lunchbox Object Bake nodes to bake to different layers. Is there a way to have the baked objects sent to different layers, but also grouped? It looks like the group node wouldn’t allow baking each object to different layers and I’m kinda at the end of my Grasshopper knowledge.

i think only with FabTools and Advanced Bake.

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That’s really close to what I’m looking for! I’d like to bake the objects to separate layers though, as far as i can see FabTools can only put all the grouped objects on the same layer.

Most of the time if you put data in tree you will be able to do that !

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Here you go.



Ah, that did it. And FabTools seems to handle layers a little but better than LunchBox too. Thanks so much.

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Please forgive me to put my query on this post… I have a similar question about the bake component: Is that possible to bake multi-level of group objects? Say I have a group of glazing and a group of glazing frame, and I want to group this two groups then bake. Is that possible?


Hi Jack, have you found a solution?

Nope… still have no clue about it, maybe it can be resolved by GhPython?

thank you.

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